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The #1 request I get from people who order the plans, is if they can also get plans and videos on larger projects.

Up until now, the answer was always NO... but recently I rented out a professional studio to record the process of making all the most popular projects, so you can effortlessly learn how to build them, just like a "live" workshop lesson!

I call it the "Easy Wood Projects Mastery" course... and the ONLY place you can get these DVDs is right here, right now.

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Here Are More Details About The 'Easy Wood Projects Mastery' DVDs

build your own pallet furniture woodworking

The 'Easy Wood Projects Mastery' course consists of 4 DVDs that covers easy to build furniture and pallet projects

You'll get step-by-step training to build beautiful furniture and easy-to-do pallet projects in a single weekend - start to finish!

I can’t possibly tell you everything you’ll learn to build when you dive into this DVD collection… otherwise you’d be reading this page all day!

But I do want to give you just a glimpse of the projects and resources that are waiting for you:

DVD 1 & 2 ($169 Value)

- 12 Furniture Projects You Can Build In A Weekend

easy furniture projects

Together with these 12 videos, I’ve included a treasure trove of downloadable materials to make tackling these projects even easier, such as:

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    Cut/material lists(No need to abandon your project for yet another trip to the lumber yard or hardware store!)
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    Detailed plans with full instructions(No guesswork means no time-consuming, irritating mistakes!)
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    3D drawings so you can visualize every step of the process easily(If you’ve ever tried to work from a 2D diagram, you know there’s a lot of “assuming” going on!)
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    And a whole lot more!

  • A jaw dropping queen bed frame with 3 drawers

  • Build it in a weekend for under $100 (retailers often charge $500+ for this simple frame)

  • The best thing is, it takes only a few hours to build and costs almost nothing!

  • ​A ​functional double bench with a built-in table

  • ​These can cost a fortune but you'll learn how to build it yourself for pennies on the dollar.

  • Build it with pallets and you'll save tons on lumber.

  • A gorgeous set of swivel chairs.

  • It's simple to build ​and great for both outdoors or indoor uses.

  • These chairs can cost a fortune but you'll learn to build it in a day or less.

Plus These Projects & Many ​More!

Outdoor Marble Table

Classic Wooden Chair

Pair of Nightstands

Single Bed With Storage

DVD 3 & 4 ($39 Value)

Build Stuff With Pallets Vol I & II
25 of my favorite projects from reclaimed pallet wood

easy pallet projects

The next 2 set of DVDs that you'll also be getting in this collection is called "Build Stuff With Pallets" volume 1 and 2. 

I'll show you how to exactly create 25 of my favorite projects from reclaimed pallet wood.

You'll also discover my secret source to get pallets for free or at minimal cost!

I’ll show you how to identify Grade A pallets that are high-quality and safe to work with. (Some lower-quality pallets actually contain potential toxins that can threaten your health)

You'll also learn how to quickly (and safely) dismantle pallets to use for your woodworking projects. (This video tutorial will save you time, frustration, and back pain!)

how to choose pallets
pallet safe wood

Here’s a glimpse of the pallet projects that my customers have built:

pallet birdhouse

If you’re a birdwatcher, or you know someone who is, you’ll LOVE my tutorial on building your own pallet wood bird house.

(Grab a cup of coffee, and you can knock this out in under an hour!)

Ready to tackle a furniture project?

Start with my pallet coffee table tutorial – a quiet afternoon, a few hand tools, and a pallet is all you need to create this beautiful, simply styled coffee table. (This is a 1-day project you can truly be proud of!)

pallet coffee table

pallet wall clock

Why settle for a boring digital desk clock, when you can build a unique, beautiful desk clock with reclaimed pallet wood

(I’ll show you how to do it step by step… and give you some pointers along the way so you can avoid the mistakes I made!)

If you’re looking for simply styled furniture for the home, check out my pallet side table tutorial...

– you’ll get to see the entire process from start to finish. (You’ll enjoy plenty of compliments about it, that’s for sure!)

pallet side table

pallet wine rack

Impress the wine lover in your house with your own upscale wine rack made entirely from pallet wood. 

(I’ll make it easy to follow along and complete each step perfectly!)

My vintage pet bed project is an excellent example of a simple, beautiful project you can complete in just an hour or two. 

(Your pets will appreciate the special treatment, too!)

pallet pet bed

Plus These Projects & Many More!

more easy pallet projects

“Build All These Projects For Pennies On The Dollar In Just A Weekend or Less!”

Doesn't these projects look great?

Best of all, they can all be build for pennies on the dollar in just a weekend or less.

Now, with Easy Wood Projects Mastery I will show you exactly how to build all these wonderful projects.

We’ll start with the basics, and then work up from there. You’ll get to “look over my shoulder” as I show you every step of each project in detail. So you get to avoid all the guesswork, mistakes, and wasted time.

mobile and tablet for videos and online access

You can either watch the DVDs or the online videos on your mobile or tablet in your shop.

Download my plans and drawings in the online portal and get started on your project this weekend!

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furniture projects and pallet woodworking
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    Easy Homemade Furniture Vol I and Vol II ($99 Value)
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    Build Stuff with Pallets Vol I and II ($79 Value)
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    Instructions, Cutting Lists, 3D Drawings, Plans  ($40 Value) 

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